The B.G.B. Braj Education Academy, Mathura is affiliated either to CBSE Board, New Delhi or the State Board in their respective states. We believe that academics combined with life enhancing activities lead to the overall development of students. This is why every school offers Music, Art & Craft, Dance and Sports in addition to the given syllabious.
School favors the policy of activity based education. Activity is a practical work given by the teacher to generate interest among scholars with a particular aim to achieve. An activity can be :
A quick warm-up way for the beginning to get students into the right mood of learning.
A light filler to provide relief after a period of intense effort and concentration.
A game or amusing item to round of the lesson with a smile.


The concept of assignments has been introduced to make the most of learner's capabilities of doing something by their own. Four assignments (class 3rd to 10th) are given for each subject to the students in the tenure of one academic session.

For class 4th to 8th, two assignments are released to students in each term on pre-decided specific dates. Generally a time period of one week is provided to students to accomplish their assignments. The marks of assignment are included in the evaluation of your ward's performance. Once again thanking you for bestowing confidence in use we welcome you and your child into the family of B.G.B. B.G.B Braj Education Academy, Mathura.


With a vision to develop psycho-motor skills of scholars, students are encouraged toward subject based class room motivated projects which supports the application based learning of subject.
Projects help in better grasping of thought part as well enhance the beauty of teaching-learning process. In each subject, 4th to 10th standard, around four projects per subject are assigned to the students during the academic session.
The marks of projects are included in the evaluation of your ward's performance.
The School strictly implements " NO HOMEWORK POLICY " for classes I and II.